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Philipp Gorbachev : « You can not pretend to change anything with music if the sound system at your party is bad » – Heeboo

Philipp Gorbachev : « You can not pretend to change anything with music if the sound system at your party is bad »

English Below - Octobre 18, 2018

The music before everything else. And the love. And the dance. The performance as a way of living and being on a daily basis. Behind those glasses that give him this futuristic mood, Philipp Gorbachev is the best that could happen for the russian art scene. Sort of allegory of the hero of tomorrow, he gives power, he breaks the codes and the traditions to give something both charming and exciting, fun and fascinating. Philipp Gorbachev is many, and can be love by everyone. Philipp Gorbachev the « underground » of tomorrow ?

Major figure of the revival of the electronical music scene of those five last years, since Berlin where he moved in 2011 from Russia, through Comeme with Matias Aguayo and Rebolledo and then PG Tune his own label, Philipp Gorbachev is the very special guest of our 2nd anniversary party, Heeboo : Noces de Cuir, with The Horrorist, Fernanda Arrau and others, on october 26th in La Station-Gare des Mines. The occasion to ask a few questions to that very… fun spirit.

Philipp, some people see you as an total alien on the electronic music planet, how does it make you feel ?

Weird !

Why this name, Philipp Gorbachev ? Who is Philipp Gorbachev ? Are you also Rony Douglas ? And The Naked Man ?

You forgot Isaac Johan, our ghost band with Matias Aguayo and few secret artists, and also not mentioned is ДЭКА, my new Moscow supergroup with Obgon, we just released an album, go check it !

Who is The Naked Man ?

Philipp Gorbachev & The Naked Man is a post-techno and post-industrial live band.

What was your first way of going out ?

I love since very small age to dress up and perform for guests at my house, singing and also using a custom drum kit at the same time.

What is the most important thing you remember from it ?

People liked those shows, so they gave me sweets and coins.

Why is the fact of PARTYING so important when you are young, according to you ?

People love not boring time together. People love to dance together.

What was the usual way of going out when you were a teen and/or a young grown up in Moscou ?

I grew up near Moscow in a forest zone so for me raving was 50 % driving and 50 % dancing = 100 % music. I took the keys for the car saying I will be back soon and did not come till dawn, attending as much events I could, listening to bands, DJs, art performers.

 What was the dark side of parties, according to you, at that time ? The thing that could have ruined everything ?

Really drunk people

Where do your first vibrations come from ?

I never went to bed without practicing my own drum patterns on my pillow.

Have changed your way of considering music since you play it ?

Apart of releasing new music on PG TUNE, in 2018 I recorded live 5 episodes as new resident on Rinse FM, and launched new show called KOLOKOL on Radio Comeme, dedicated to sound research and church bell ringing.

« Stop nailing us the walls and corners, give us more freedom to dance! »

You remember the very first time you played in front of people ?

I remember first time I played in Paris. That was REX club, 2011. It was my second show in the EU I think, thanks to Matias Aguayo who made this happen.

What’s your ritual to get ready for a set or a live ?

I pray before the going on stage because I feel grateful to the Lord that be allowed to live the way I do.

Do you feel any disadvantages in the fact of belonging to the night and music industry world ?

No. Love rules the world.

How do you feel exactly before going on stage ? And after ?

Let’s find it out at the party !

What’s happening right now on the russian scene ?

Russia is booming at the moment ! New music and new talents, everywhere, I am really happy about it.

Do you go out a lot, when not playing ?

I love a good dance in Berghain.

Live at Mamba Negra

In Europe, for a moment, parties used to be very political. Do you think this time is over ?

We live in circles… I personally love to perform at solid off locations and events with a strong political meaning, I never forget those events ARMA17 did in Moscow at various abandoned buildings, or playing at Mamba Negra in Sao Paulo.

You have a militancy in your way of being part of the nightlife ?

Yes, you can not pretend to change anything with music if the soundsystem at your party is bad…

How do you think young people will go out in 20 years ?

I hope there will be more spaces, specially designed for music events. Not old spaces, but new spaces, adequate to the demands of artists and made to provide special experience of the audience. For example, I really love when the stage / DJ booth is in the middle of the dancefloor. Stop nailing us the walls and corners, give us more freedom to dance!

Do you have a message for “the night” ?

Shake it !

Adeline Journet

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