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Mindmistake : « I put on an energic techno set and I can handle everything again » – Heeboo

Mindmistake : « I put on an energic techno set and I can handle everything again »

English Below - Juin 14, 2018

Some start to play for the fame. Some, like Mindmistake, do it to contribute to the techno scene. Easy. Mindmistake, aka Lindsay Streefkerk, is a recent discover made by the party collective Razance.

Her first set in Paris ? For the next RZ003, on saturday 16th june ! Waiting for that, let’s know a bit more about, maybe, one of the future most famous deutsch dj in the world (?)

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You are from Rotterdam right? Do you remember your first parties when you were a teenager? 

I live in Poortugaal, that’s a little village nearby Rotterdam. But most of the time you can find me in Rotterdam, because of my work (internship) at Toffler, a nightclub situated in an old underpass. I started going to techno parties at the age of 15. I remember one of my first techno parties called “Strobe” where the guys of AnD were playing. My love for fast, hard techno music started at that moment.

Going out in Rotterdam is fun, but there are not a lot of clubs where they play techno every weekend, and I don’t like parties where they play a different music style that much. So most of the times I go to another city to party, one of my favorite clubs is called Basis, in Utrecht.

Is it at this moment that you started to play?

No, I started to play only two years ago. I remember that I was hanging out a lot with my friend Brooke, she was already playing and really liked my taste for music. She always wanted to become a dj duo with someone and that’s why she started to teach me how to play. I already wanted to learn how to play for a long time because I wanted to make a contribution to the techno scene.

I was a fast learner and we started to play as a duo called “MINDMISTAKE”, but not after a long time I decided to continue on my own with this alias. And that wasn’t without succes, as I stood b2b with Manni Dee in London, a random b2b with Remco Beekwilder in Amsterdam and a lot of nice gigs in Europe.

Do you consider yourself as a party animal?

Me a party animal? No way!! Haha, this is a joke of course. Everyone who knows me knows that I go to every good party, and that is almost every week (if I don’t need to play of course)

Do you think that we can make politic with music?

Why do you even want to make politic music? Music is a way for people to escape from politics and feel completely free from all worries in daily life.

Are there any disadvantages in the fact of being part of the “night world”/”music industry”?

Hmm, no disadvantages, I really like the night life, but I’m always really tired after a weekend of partying. But then I put on an energic techno set and I can handle everything again, haha!

To start with I was really scared and nervous before a gig, but now I have played in front of public more often I am not as afraid any more.

MINDMISTAKE, where does this name come from?

As I said before, I started as a duo called MINDMISTAKE together with my friend. She created this name. But to be honest, the name suits me perfect! Just because i’m a bit clumpsy, aka a big MINDMISTAKE! 😛

What’s “new techno”, according to you?

Difficult question! But for me there is no new techno, techno is techno no matter when it’s made.

What are your other passions, aside from music?

Everything I do in life has something to do with party, and also with music. I follow the education event management, I organise parties, I play and I like to go out. Nice life, right?

Haha, no but to be serious music is a really important thing in my life, and without music I’m nothing. Ofcourse there are other nice things which I like to do, but nothing can compete with my passion for music!

What’s your best dream in life?

I don’t have dreams with playing to be honest, I have never had them either. I started to play because I really like to and it was a way for me to escape from reality. I could have never dreamed of the things I have already accomplished. I would really like to organise more parties to really add something to the techno scene, especially in Rotterdam. While we are at it anyway, I am organising a party on the 21st of September at Toffler in Rotterdam, called SILENCE. For this event I already booked Manni Dee b2b Myler, Trym, H880 live, Kegffnayy, and of course I will also be playing at the event.

Adeline Journet

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